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Ranault Juvaquatre fourgonnette

3D model and renderings of this nice looking 1950's delivery van.

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Renault Juvaquatre Dauphinoise fourgonnette 3D model

Juvaquatre fourgonnette 1950's delivery van by Renault.

The first time I saw the Renault juvaquatre in the lot of a Garage in Champagnac de-Belair in France, while on vacation. What a nice looking remant of the 1950's. All over France they were used by small busineses, the Boulanger, Charcuterie etc.
A lot of research later, learning how to use SuD modelling in Rhino 3D, rendering in 3D studio Max there is a nice 3D model I would like to present.

Only one unfortunate comment to add. Since making the rendering, Autodesk is not available to me any more. The cost has become prohibitive for an amateur like me as I can no longer use an education license ....
Video of the rendering 3D Studio Max :

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