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motorized personal travel with the least impact on natural resources


The motorcycle experience in your own private space.

The streamline contains a very advanced electric drive motorcycle. The mechanical system is advanced also with hub center steering. Systems control and external presentation, through tablets is state of the art.

Suicide door and the smal streamlined hoodornament accentuate the retro styling

Streamlined Electric Motorcycle.

The latest styling of the sem is retro with the modern black and white metal flake paintscheme. The suicide door looks nice and allows for easy entry, the contrast with the tablet control and monitoring is interesting.

Large battery pack powers large agni motor.

We do want a better world

If we all drive in single person vehicles,
there will be more space on the roads.
No hauling about large energy wasting
multi person cars.

Large battery pack powers large agni motor.

Streamlined flowing shape

Control and monitoring through tablets.

Balancing personal transportation and nature

Be among the first to kick-off this new transportation era.