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One of the first Wagner prototypes, around 1981, then lovingly called OEMIL. Two cilinder BMW boxer motor. The later versions of the ecomobile had a 4 cylinder BMW K1200 engine. Around 90 Ecomobiles were sold.


This ia an ecomobile showing its true grit. I think this is one of teh ecomobile built during a period of experimentation. Super charged turbo (succes), aerodynamic steering fin (no success).

One person ECO

The ecomobile experimentation also led to at one single person version. This seems to be the more sensible version for day to day travel. But one cannot take anyone for a ride. We think only a single one was built.

The monotracer

The monotracer is the next version of the ecomobile, with many improvements. Its electric version won the X-prize. About 50 Monotracers were sold. of the electric version only about 10 wer made.


Arnold Wagner founded Peraves in the early 1980's to develop and build ECOmobiles and from around 2006/7 Monotracers. After winning the X-price in 2010, the company got in trouble and filed for bankrupty in 2013.


Second place winner of the X-prize in the category : Alternative Class (tandem): X-Tracer. This is the all electric version of the Monotracer. After the prize it proved very difficult to get batteries of reliable quality.

Dutch monotracer

Monotracer no. 19 is now in the Netherlands. Above picture was taken during the drive training, hence the yellow trainer wheels. Importing from CH to the EU proved to be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Dutch SEM

The first OEkoMobIL photograph started the fascination with monotracer design. It resulted in a stream of designs of the Streamlined Electric Motorcycle. All electric and single person.


The first 3D design of the Streamlined Electric Motorcycle was very extreme. We named it Blue fin. Its uncompromising design towards high mpg, we still miss. Praticallity has taken over.

Retro SEM

Evolution of the SEM design even led to the above version. Suicide door and a cabin like roof. We have now rejected this version based on the extremely small driver space. We have gone back to an earlier version.

Brennan railcar

The British inventor Louis Brennan designed and built a gyro stbilizes railcar. Using precession of two gyro's and a very clever mechanical lever system. Worth looking into if you want to loose the landinggear in a monotrace.

Lit motors

For quite some time an ever growing team around Daniel Kim has been developing a self balancing monotrace called C-1. They use a system similar to Louis Brennan, but totally computer controlled. Energy consumption might be a challenge

What is our objective?

High mpg personal driving at reasonable cost and fun.
We will share our experience with driving the Monotracer.
We will share with you the SEM designs and their evolution.
We want to update and upgrade the single track.

miles per gallon

As we are burning fuel at alarming rate. Why are there still far more very large vehicles then small aerodynamic vehicles. Aerodynamic makes for beautifull shapes also.

-track efficiency.

The shape of a long single-track vehicle, a monotracers, is inherently aerodynamic, the slippery sigar. The enclosure also makes it safe, the driving helmet.


Motorcycle driving is very nice, but getting into the safety harness it requires, this harness which also keeps you dry. We could do without it.


Driving like a motorcycle, makes driven more fun. No more being bumped sideways in corners. Surfing the corners. Always in equilibrium with the centripedal and gravity forces.

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Some history as we know it from the internet. 1920 Monotrace to Peraves and some alternatives.

The Dutch Monotracer

As far as we know this is the only Monotracer in the Netherlands.


The Streamlined Electric Motorcycle, a design evolving over the last 15 years. Single seater.

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